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Eat with us


Eat with us

Our tasting room offers guests a unique Fine Wine and Food Experience. On arrival, each guest will be presented with tastes of six of our best award-winning wines together with a specifically designed Tasting Palette carrying tastes of six carefully prepared matching dishes. After tasting the various options, guests will select their lunch main course and the wine to accompany it. Our menu caters for all palates and primarily comprises locally produced products including cheeses, meats, fish, vegetables, herbs and olive oil. Located next to the winery, our tasting room is open for lunch every day except Wednesdays. As we offer seating for only 20 guests either inside or outside, booking is essential.


 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Grand Duc 2016
Classic peach, lanolin and nutty nougat flavours.  Full bodied with a zesty fresh toasty finish

            Chardonnay Unoaked 2017                               Syrah Grand Duc 2015
                           Ceviche                                                  Mushroom Risotto
            The fresh delicate textures           Natural flavours of the vegetables and mushroom

               of the marinated fish                       combined with earthy spiciness of the Syrah
       are balanced and work in harmony                        
               with the zesty minerality                              
          of the Chardonnay Unoaked                                 

      Chardonnay Vigneron's Selection 2017                     Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2017
                         Carpaccio                                                             Pork Belly

        Chardonnay and Truffle is a no brainer                    The "Lively" mineral and acidity
             the natural flavours of the dish                                 Character of the Wine
     enhances the earthiness of the Chardonnay                    Cuts through the fatiness
                                                                                                   of the dish

                       Merlot 2017                                      Shiraz Vigneron's Selection 2016
                  Duc Caesar Salad                                                   Sirloin Steak

           The salty subtle spiciness of our                   Natural flavour of the meat combined  
              Caesar salad enhances our                      with pepper is highlighted by the shiraz   
             most playful wine, “The Merlot”,                    butter that cuts through the fat
                      accentuating                                                       of the dish
             the sweetness of the red fruits


Noblesse Grand Duc 2014
A result of perfect noble rot weather conditions, harvested 3 months after normal Semillon harvest.

Price including eight wine tastings, Tasting Palette, main course and glass of wine

R 450

We also offer vegetarian alternative but pre-booking is essential



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