Our "Simple, Natural, Quality" Philosophy

We look to our “simple, natural, quality” credo to guide our thinking on all key decisions.

Simple is both a question of taste and a mind-set. In terms of taste, our preference has always been simplicity rather than complexity. Examples would be label design or architecture. In terms of mind-set, we try to simplify what can be a highly complex and unpredictable business and prefer to focus on the basics. Rather than using sophisticated models to plan production, we plan only at a high level because of the uncertainties.

Natural refers to our preference for eco-friendly viticultural practices and the use of natural winemaking materials and techniques. Natural also refers to our deep commitment to preserving parts of the farm for the regeneration of indigenous Cape fynbos. In addition to being attractive in its own right, the fynbos attracts animal and bird life which has been absent for years.

Quality is a concept which pervades all facets of the business. It must be ingrained in the minds of all our people and must be applied in every task they carry out be it on the farm, in the cellar or in the office. We will have achieved this goal when our guests, customers and distributors sense this when dealing with us.