GlenWood is situated in the Robertsvlei valley, seven kilometres from Franschhoek village. The Roberts River which runs through the property is today a relatively small tributary of the Berg River which is one of the Cape’s major rivers. Originally, however, until a landfall rerouted it, the Berg River flowed through the GlenWood property and deposited large amounts of alluvial peat soil on its banks which today represent about ten per cent of our vineyard area. The majority of our soils are Clovelly and Sandy Lime with a depth of five to six meters.

Being surrounded by mountains, GlenWood has its own micro climate with temperatures about five degrees lower than in the main Franschhoek valley. In addition, we receive more than our fair share of winter rain, normally in excess of 1600mm annually. Our prevailing summer winds are from the south-east which resulted in our vineyard row layout being north/south which maximises the vines' exposure to the sun during summer months.